Leges Physicae is an 'idea' for an online physics simulator presented as an expanding 3D game metaverse. It would be programmed as an extensible, extremely modular game development platform for socially driven collaborative designing and real time simulation online.

In simple terms, once fully developed it should be able to: Simulate the dynamics of flight; The mechanics vehicles; The buoyancy of ships; The relativity of space; The gravity of solar systems; The dynamics of economies; The flow of clothes and the uniqueness of characters in a large 3D simulation.

The plan is to use the OGRE graphics engine with Bullet Physics along with a slew of standard abstraction layers and modern programming methods. The aim is to establish the necessary standards for making portable scripted, physical, 3d models so that they can be treated as a single interactive virtual object that can be sent across a network with a single file at any required detail level. On those foundations would be built in modular sections a development platform for running those packaged contents in realistic and enjoyable simulators run by independent content development groups.

If you are interested in helping make any part of this project a reality contact us, we are in need a variety of skills to establish and publicize this project.

Alternative explanations.

In the future everything not impossible is possible. We can estimate the effect and guess the means, so why not just simulate future technology just like everything else, as a component of a larger machine. See more in Intentions »

This project needs you, yes you.

This site is under construction, same with every other aspect of this project. We plan to use modern colaboration methods to get as many people working togeather efficiently as possible. This kind of thinking requires all kinds of people. To get involved sign up for sourceforge and send us a message about what you do, and we will suggest some areas that we need help in and think you could be most helpfull contributing in. We really do need people and we will find ways for everyone to help.

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